The South Island MSA has focused its Facility Engagement funding towards grassroots physician-led engagement and quality improvement projects.  Since 2017, hundreds of projects have been launched by South Island physicians looking to improve their workplace, relationships, and patient care.  By offering $10,000 micro-grants with a one-year time limit, the South Island MSA/FEI Society is able to support physician-led improvement across the region, sometimes supporting work that also fits within Health System Redesign, Physician Quality Improvement, or other funding streams.

How does it work?

  • South Island MSA physicians submit engagement project proposals here.
  • These are reviewed by our Project Managers, who set the work up for success: Seeking guidance from Island Health, making administrative connections, and ensuring evaluation is built into each project.
  • Proposals are put forward to members of the Working Group for approval at the quarterly meetings.
  • Once the funding is granted, physicians have one year to complete their project, submitting quarterly reports  to keep the Working Group up to date on their progress and to flag issues that our Project Managers can help navigate.
  • Physician time is billed through the Facility Engagement Management System, with payment directly to
  • At the end of the project, physicians complete a final report and a Success Story is written to capture successes, challenges, and outcomes.

To submit a proposal, click here.

To read some of our Success Stories, click here.

To hear some of our Success Stories, click here.

A comprehensive listing of our Engagement Projects can be found here.