Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The South Island MSA represents the medical staff in general and speaks for the individual medical staff member in particular, in order to have an engaged medical staff at RJH and VGH who work collaboratively with each other and with our Health Authority partners.

Mission Statement

South Island Medical Staff Association will achieve its vision by:

  1. Ensuring effective communication between the medical staff, administration and the Board of Directors of the health authority.
  2. Supporting physician engagement and quality improvement within our facilities.
  3. Fostering physician-to-physician relationships to improve professional and collegial bonds.
  4. Partnering with the Health Authority and other organizations for support and implementation of these activities.


  1. Change the culture of communication, both within and with partners external to the Medical Staff Association.
  2. Increase physician involvement across disciplines and facilities to ensure a broad range of engagement and perspectives.
  3. Continue to engage with membership to determine ongoing Society priorities.

The South Island MSA will continue to support physician-led Engagement and Quality Improvement projects Engagement and Quality Improvement projects, as well as the work of the Physician Social and Wellness Committee.