Success Story: Smoothing the path for GI Referrals and Knowledge-Sharing

The Division of Gastroenterology has been working hard to ensure their services are more accessible for patients and referral partners.  Led by Dr. Kevin Rioux, the Division hosted a Physician and MOA Education Evening to showcase the improved Central Access and Triage processes, as well as provide detailed information about their Enhanced Care Pathways to FPs and residents.

The event was a sure-fire success.  One GP observed that “the new referral process makes a lot of sense and I’m so relieved to receive information that the file has been received and reviewed within days.”  Another GP stated, “it’s great to see the faces of the GI team and know that they’re not just a name on a fax sheet.”

Dr. Rioux stated that the evening event was just the beginning of a strategy to improve GI CAT service and communication, so that “enhanced communication and understanding of process will lead to increased practice efficiency for both the referring offices and GIs, and foster cooperation and shared responsibility for patients with GI disorders.  Ultimately, this will help improve access for patients to GI endoscopic and consultative services.”

Since the event, the Division has noted more open and positive communication from referring physicians and office staff, as well as more informed referrals.  Starting in 2019, they’ll be using referral data to continue the improvements they’ve made so far, and ensure their services are meeting patient and referral partner needs.

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