Physician Wellness and Social Committee

The wellbeing of our South Island physicians is key.  The Physician Wellness and Social Committee is dedicated to promoting physician wellness, from seminars to celebrations, and meets six times a year to discuss wellness initiatives.

Flagship Events

In partnership with other local physicians’ organizations, we look forward to coming together as a community several times each year:

  • South Island Physicians Family BBQ – Held in September at Cadboro-Gyro Park, families can chat, dance, bounce, and eat with colleagues.
  • Welcome and Thank You Event – This evening is a chance to dress up and celebrate new and retiring physicians in style.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

  • As topics of interest arise through the year, the Wellness and Social Committee creates networking, educational, and upskilling opportunities for the South Island Medical Staff. Previous topics include Narrative Medicine, Communications, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.
  • The MSA’s weekly newsletter offers Weekly Wellness Tips, Podcasts, and wellness resources.
  • Our popular Mindful Mondays and South Island Physicians Walking Groups are open for physicians to join at their leisure. Upcoming dates can be found on our calendar.

Psychological and Physical Safety

  • An essential focus, the Wellness Committee is working closely with Doctors of BC to ensure physicians have access to resources and supports they need.
  • Physician Health Program – Offering a wide range of supports for doctors and their families, PHP is available to all physicians in BC.
  • The Greater Victoria Physician Peer Support Program offers short-term, one-on-one peer support to doctors across our region.