We represent and advocate for the medical staff at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Staff Association?

The Medical Staff Association is the organized group of ALL the members of the medical staff. In this regard it is different to Medical Departments, who have much smaller, more focussed groups of members. Composed of all the physicians (midwives and nurse practitioners are not included at this time), its role is to

  1. Reflect any matters of general concern to the medical staff;
  2. Make sure that the rights and privileges of the individual members of the medical staff are maintained, and
  3. Be notified if any member of the medical staff is faces with discipline, so that we can make sure that he or she knows their rights under the Bylaws.


How is it established?

The Medical Staff Association (MSA) is established under the Medical Staff Bylaws for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (available on the Members page).


Dr. Don Milliken


Dr. Parvinder Birdi

Vice President

Dr. Fred Voon


Dr. Kevin Yee


Working Group

Dr. Allen Hayashi

Dr. Brian McArdle

Dr. Catherine Jenkins

Dr. Colin Riddler

Dr. Daisy Dulay

Dr. Dan Boston

Dr. Daniel Glick

Dr. Danny Myers

Dr. Douglas McGregor

Dr. Dustin Loomes

Dr. Gordon Hoag

Dr. John Galbraith

Dr. Leah McDonald

Dr. Margaret Bester

Dr. Milton Baker

Dr. Nathan Hoag

Dr. Omar Ahmad

Dr. Shung Lee

Dr. Suresh Tulsiani

Dr. Tina Webber