2024 Engagement Project Curriculum

We’re delighted to offer a second year of learning and ideas about how you can make your engagement project ideas even more successful and impactful.  Introducing the 2024 Engagement Project Curriculum;

How to work with a Project Manager – Physician leads have access to additional funds to pay a Project Manager to support their work, but don’t necessarily know how to use them to their best advantage.  We’ll share some great examples and give tips and tricks on how to make a project lead’s life easier.  February 12, 2024

How Money Works at Island Health – FTE requests, capital expenses, slippage funds…what they are and how they can help sustain FE projects?  We’ll hear directly from the Island Health Finance Team about everything you need to know to optimize the health authority’s timelines and offerings so your project work can live on.  June 3, 2024

How Evaluation can set your project up for sustainability – We’ll give you a bit of an evaluation primer with a ‘what’s in in for me’ lens.  Be ready to learn about pre-project evaluation measures, tracking during the project, post-project review, and using the results to build a business case for sustainability or further funding.  October 7, 2024

Open to all South Island physicians – RSVP to info@southislandmsa.ca

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