IHealth Update: Important Support Changes

We have been working with computerized provider order entry (CPOE) at Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH) for just over three weeks now. Your dedication to quality patient care and the support and encouragement you have provided to each other is noted and appreciated every day.

We will continue to make necessary adjustments to the electronic health record (EHR) system and associated workflows while we adapt to this new way of working over the coming months. As planned, this week we begin the transition to the next phase of stabilization and sustainment and existing governance processes for prioritization and decision-making with regard to requested EHR fixes, changes and enhancements. Enhancement requests should flow through IHealth Subject Matter Expert (SME) Groups and Working Groups.



Calls for support have dropped in number. This is a sign that many of our clinical team members are adapting to the new CPOE functions and workflows.

How to access support

The 24/7 IHealth Central Support line will end on July 7 at 2400 hours, and support will transition to the Clinical Service Desk (see “What You Need To Do”, below). Going forward, please use the following:

  • Until July 7 at 2400 hours, please call IHealth Central Support line at 28555 or 1-855-755-7001.
  • From July 8, please call Clinical Service Desk at 18777 option 3 (or 250-370-8777 option 3).
  • Click the “Band-Aid” support widget at the top of your device screen to access the IHealth Cerner Wiki.
  • Look for a member of Provider Education and Experience (ProEX) support team rounding on your unit or floor, or the Clinical Transformation Team (CTT) member for your unit or area.
  • Visit the Engagement Lab in Royal Block Room 203, Monday-Friday, 0700-1500, with support staff to help you practice and answer your questions.

Dedicated stabilization support will be arranged for the following areas: Heart Health, Adult ICU, CVU, CCU, Perioperative and Emergency Department (ED).

 IHealth Central Command Centre has moved to PCC 201

IHealth Central Command Centre has moved out of PCC 150 to PCC 201 to continue 24/7 presence to address reported risks, safety issues and PSLS incidents requiring immediate attention. This will transition also to the Clinical Service Desk and on-site stabilization starting on July 8: call 18777 option 3 or 250-370-8777 option 3. Thank you for your patience during the move and re-setting of the room.

 ProEX Team Members rounding on-site, Monday-Friday, for July/August

  • For July: we have 2-3 ProEX team members on-site supporting the OR, ED and the wards with coverage Monday-Friday, 0700-1700.
  • For August: we have 1-2 ProEX team members on-site supporting the same areas with coverage Monday-Friday 0800-1600.
  • Arrangements are also being made for weekend ProEX rounding presence.

 Skills Sharpeners

Skill sharpeners are offered on an ad hoc basis. To request a skills sharpener session, please email: ihealtheducation@islandhealth.ca.



24/7 remote support

As of Monday, July 8: 

  • Call the Clinical Service Desk at 18777 option 3 (or 250-370-8777 option 3).

How to report a quality or safety concern

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