IMP Students offering Child and Pet Care

Dear Doctors,

I am writing on behalf of the IMP students to offer support to physicians who may be in need of help with activities such as child-care, pet-care, and groceries. Though Victoria has not been affected by COVID-19 too hard yet, we recognize that things may change and with that will come the burden on health care providers.

We have surveyed the class and have compiled a list of students who are able to help out if/when needed. If you would be able to circulate the following survey to your colleagues in Emergency Department as well as ICU to assess if anyone is in need of help with the listed activities, we will do our best to support to the best of our abilities.

Please do note that we will be following public health precautions and avoiding exposure to vulnerable individuals (i.e. older individuals especially those who have health issues, immunosuppressed individuals including cancer) in order to prevent any undesirable effects from this initiative. We were recommended to have 1:1 student to staff ratio to avoid further spread. Given that this may result in demand surpassing the supply, please use our service as a last resort so that your colleagues who may require it more are able to access it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should there be any concerns, comments, or questions.

Sincerely, Amy Kim & Jesse Spooner

(Contact details available through

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