Success Story: Acupressure for Labour and Delivery Team

Like many FP OBs, Dr. Telen Harper knows that the safe and effective management of labour and delivery requires seamless collaboration among primary care providers, midwives, obstetricians, pediatricians, anesthetists, and nursing staff.  With growing evidence to support alternative practices in the management of labour and delivery, Dr. Harper offered a hands-on acupressure workshop to the multi-disciplinary care providers she works with.

This three-hour educational opportunity offered skills in acupressure techniques in an environment where participants shared ideas about how to apply these in the clinical setting.  Dr. Telen Harper and Stephanie Curran led the workshop and were supported by three local acupuncturists.

All participants agreed that the workshop resulted in better collegiality and teamwork, noting the benefits of interdisciplinary design and delivery.   One Labour and Delivery nurse noted that “the topic is so applicable to my work and that working together as a team through the workshop was appreciated.”  An FP OB shared that “feedback from teaching assistants in point locations was very helpful.”  All respondents strongly agreed that they would be interested in a similar workshop in the future to further develop their skills.

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