Success Story: Smoking Cessation Support for Crohn’s Patients

To support patients with Crohn’s Disease, Dr. Dustin Loomes created an evidence-based resource package and program for those who are also smokers.  Before launching the work, though, Dr. Loomes sought formal input from colleagues, Island Health, gastroenterologists, respirologists, IBD nurses, and research assistants, in order to ensure a robust, comprehensive patient resource.

The team reviewed the Vancouver Island IBD Clinic’s work, and feedback was integrated prior to the program’s launch.  Continuous quality improvement is taking place to evaluate and improve the program over time.  Additionally, as a result of the earlier engagement, improvements have been made to smoking status documentation, discussions around smoking cessation and Crohn’s disease easier.  Through the work of Dr. Loomes and the advisory team, the smoking cessation for Crohn’s Disease program and package will be made more accessible for the intended target groups.

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