Update: Ministry of Health COVID-19 Compensation

The MSA will be helping 283 docs claim more than $208,000 of emergency funding for the COVID pandemic for almost 1,400 hours of COVID work!

I was really impressed seeing all the behind the scenes work being done by all the organizations.  It seemed the Ministry of Health, Island Health, and the Hospitals came together with relative speed to ensure funding for important work, communicating it early, and creating the structures and payments as efficiently as possible.  The doctors working within those hospital walls all came together to do the necessary planning and preparation work, with some knowledge and security that it was not all on a voluntary and unpaid basis.

I’d like to thank our non-physician administrative contractors at the MSA for taking on the huge logistical challenges this created to help our members get recognized and reimbursed.

— Dr Fred Voon, Emergency Physician and MSA Treasurer.

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