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From Dr. Janet Ray and Dr. Rashmi Chadha:  Over 230 international medical journals (including CMAJ, Lancet, NEJM, BMJ) published a joint editorial calling for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity, and protect health.

We are already seeing the devastation that the climate and ecological crisis is causing in our communities with over 500 people dying prematurely from the 3-day heat dome this summer and wildfires that were unrelenting for most of the summer in the interior. It is time for us to use our health professional voice to push for change whilst there is still time, and there’s no better place than to start with our province’s politicians.

At 11:30 on November 4th, 2021, a group of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will be gathering in front of the BC Legislature in Victoria to demand urgent action on the climate and ecological crisis.

A petition will be presented to MLAs from across the political spectrum and guest speakers will be explaining why the climate and ecological crisis is a health one.”

The website for information and sign up is:

This is a non-political event done with full permits and indigenous permissions, and observing Covid protocols.

The most effective way to deal with climate anxiety is climate action.

We are asking each participant to bring a flower/or other biodegradable token, to lay on the steps of the legislature, to represent the people who died in the heat dome of 2021 (but if participants can’t bring anything not to worry- their presence is the most important!).

We are also encouraging people to bring their stethoscope and/or lab coat/scrubs depending on the weather, to identify as health care providers.

This rally includes nurses and allied health professionals.

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