2023 South Island MSA Award for Innovation Leadership

Over the past several weeks, we have celebrated those who received South Island MSA Recognition Awards at this year’s Annual General Meeting.  Congratulations to all recipients!

Our final award of the year is for Innovation Leadership, to recognize a colleague who has led physician engagement and quality improvement within our facilities, making a significant improvement to patient and/or provider care.  Dr. Al Buckley and Dr. Alicia Power wish to recognize Dr. Al Hayashi.

Dr. Hayashi has been a tireless advocate for both children and adult health during his career.  He is also a quality champion.  His QI work has included colonoscopy and endoscopy practices, as well as initiatives in the operative and peri-operative area to advance surgical care for children and adults. Al is a consummate innovator and is always keen to share his knowledge and discoveries with others.  Whether it be through publishing his work so that others can benefit from his clinical research, or as a mentor to members of our local community, Al is generous with his time, expertise, and learning.

Congratulations to Dr. Al Hayashi for receiving the Award for Innovation Leadership!

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