Introducing the Gold Star Awards!

Last year, Dr. Ali Yahkshi Tafti trialed a way to recognize consultants who went the extra mile in patient care and/or help create a positive collegial environment with their small day to day actions.  For lack of creativity, it was called the GoldStar Award.

It was a great success:  ER docs who nominated consultants, as well as those consultants themselves, reported a better relationship with their colleagues, an increase feeling of well-being, and an improved sense of workplace satisfaction.

So, it is with pleasure that we announce the rollout of the GoldStar awards across the South Island MSA!

  • As a physician, please keep your eyes open for people who go the extra mile to care for a patient or who are working in their own way to contribute to a positive work environment.  This can be a fellow doc, a nurse, an allied care provider, a housekeeper, a volunteer, a PSO…anyone who is making it better to work at RJH or VGH!
  • Send an email our way with the name of the person and a brief description of how they’re making patient care or our workplace better.
  • We’ll send them your thanks and a gift card to Good Earth
  • Each month, we’ll celebrate Gold Star winners on our website.

Questions and nominations can be sent to

Thanks for joining us on this year of appreciation!


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