A Word from the President: A Trifecta of Challenges…plus one

At the last MSA meeting , we were informed that iHealth is coming next to the RJH and VGH. (See Dr. Fyfe’s slide presentation here). We were told all the medical leaders in South Island were in favour, the decision was made by the Ministry, and the approach would be different. MSA Members expressed concerns, and we will – WITH YOUR SUPPORT – do our best to make sure that mistakes from elsewhere are not repeated.

Second, after a time lag of > 14 months, an extensive revision of the draft Medical Staff Rules was sent to us by Medical Affairs.  They initially proposed that comments should be returned by September 21, but changed that request after protest. It is important for all members to carefully read them: you will be signing that you have done so and accept them with your re-application for privileges, so if you want changes, the time is now.

Thirdly, Medical Administration has recognised that the reorganization from 3 years ago hasn’t worked out as expected and has set up a committee to give advice. Dr. David Forrest, from Nanaimo, is the only non-administrative physician on it.  Again, we will be seeking full transparency and meaningful consultation as this may a great impact on our working lives.

Finally, and regretfully, we have received notice of Dr. Pat Slobodian’s resignation, effective the AGM.  As the Societies Act requires us to have either 3 or 5 Executive, and we then will have 4, we need a replacement.  Executive membership doesn’t mean you have to do everything: if there is a task that you might find interesting, we would be appreciative of your help. If you would just like to generally help in this time of need, we will be very grateful. Email or talk to me.  president@southislandmsa.ca  Our discussion forums are open for your comments.

Don Milliken.

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