Become a Disclosure Champion! Enrol in the Saegis Communicating Unexpected Outcomes (CUO) Train-the-Trainer program

When an unexpected clinical outcome occurs, we know the experience can be devastating for the patient, their family and the healthcare professionals involved.  Island Health is committed to ensuring that the disclosure of unexpected clinical outcomes occur in a timely, transparent, consistent and supportive manner.  As outlined in the Canadian Disclosure Guidelines, “emerging research indicates that healthcare providers receive very little support after a patient safety incident occurs. Feelings of sadness, failure to health and overwhelming guilt can erode healthcare provider’s self-esteem and drain them emotionally and physically (pg. 16).” By becoming a Saegis Communicating Unexpected Outcomes (CUO) facilitator, you can help change that.

At this time, we are urgently seeking to identify medical staff and leadership champions within Island Health to participate in an accredited and compensated* 15 hour online training course (Saegis Train-the-Trainer (TTT)) to become a Saegis Communicating Unexpected Outcomes (CUO) facilitator. This Saegis TTT course will be delivered weekly in 2-hour sessions, spread over seven consecutive weeks (September 14th to October 25th).  There are 7 spots remaining for our Fall 2022 sessions that we are aiming to fill by August 31st, 2022.  Once you become an accredited Saegis facilitator, you will be required to deliver Saegis CUO training three times a year to maintain accreditation (~18 compensated hours annually).

By enrolling in the Saegis Communicating Unexpected Outcomes (CUO) Train-the-Trainer course you can:

  • Improve you and your team’s transparency and communications with patients/families
  • Develop enhanced communication skills
  • Effectively support your team, patients and families when faced with difficult circumstances
  • Help reduce feelings of isolation and facilitate a culture of patient safety

Reach out for further details and to register as a Saegis facilitator:

In late 2019, along with other provincial Health Authorities, Island Health endorsed Communicating Unexpected Outcomes (CUO) training as the preferred disclosure curriculum, which has been developed by Saegis (the training arm of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)).  These accredited, online CUO courses are designed for clinicians to improve transparency with patients and families after unexpected clinical outcomes, including those resulting from errors in care.  In the summer of 2021, we had our first Saegis Master trainer accredited at Island Health and limited Saegis CUO training sessions have been offered to clinicians and leaders across the organization.  Island Health is now committed to growing its Saegis CUO facilitator cohort, which includes training medical staff and medical leaders like you to deliver this great disclosure education! Email to register and learn more today!

*Saegis TTT Course Accreditation and Compensation (15 hours total):

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