Family Caregivers of BC Resources for Physicians

We recently connected with the Family Caregivers of BC, who shared some wonderful resources – wanted to make sure they were available for the South Island medical staff!

The Caregiver Rx Project helps medical professionals identify and refer family caregivers to FCBC resources. Funded by the Ministry of Health, Patients as Partners, it is a referral program that helps healthcare providers connect a family or friend caregiver to support them in their role as well as to prioritize their well-being. FCBC is here to help any family caregiver FREE of charge in any location of BC.

At FCBC, we provide free direct support to all family caregivers through our BC Caregiver Support Line, virtual support groups, education and other easy to access programs.

BC has one of the highest rates of caregiver distress in Canada. Evidence shows that caregivers who are supported earlier in their caregiving journey are better able to maintain their caregiving role. Our health system relies on family/friend caregivers to provide about 80% of the care patients need. When we extend support for caregivers through social prescribing, we support better outcomes for patients. It’s that simple.

Health care professionals can work with family caregivers to offer support that fits into a busy schedule, including:

  1. Identify a caregiver by asking, “are you caring for a family member or friend?”
  2. Using The Caregiver RX “10-second hand-off” – by making sure your office or team has our tear-off prescription pads. Order them here.
  3. Make referrals online or faxing by downloading our Caregiver Rx Referral and Consent Form (PDF can be downloaded through this page)
  4. Find us in Pathways (under Find Services, click the tab, Caregiver Support. We are listed at Caregiver Support Line – Family Caregivers of BC)
  5. Invite our Caregiver Rx team to give a webinar or in-service on Accelerating Family Caregiver Friendly Health Care to your clinic/practice staff and team members.
  6. Engage with our Caregiver Rx team by including us in case planning for care recipients and seeking our input on health system planning and service delivery. Reach out to for more information on how we can help.

When FCBC receives a referral from a health care provider, our Caregiver Support Team responds to that caregiver withing 2 business days. We take the time during our intake to listen to their needs and help them prioritize next steps and their well-being. We provide emotional support, assist them with system navigation and direct them to information and resources to enhance caregiver capacity, well-being and confidence.

All of our resources are free, inclusive, and open to all caregivers and health care professionals. We hope we can help you in supporting family caregivers in B.C.   We’ve attached our Caregiver Resource handout to get your started. You can find more at Resources and Education for Health Care Professionals

If you have any questions or want more information, reach out to us at

Caregiver Support Line: 1-877-520-3267 (Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4 pm; Tue and Thu until 7 pm.)


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