IHealth Update: June 6, 2024

Dear colleagues,

With Go-Live at RJH just days away, we want to thank you for your dedication and commitment to making this major change. While it will not be easy, especially at the beginning, it’s a crucial step to delivering safe, high-quality care to our patients. Make sure to support each other and the support staff with care, respect and patience. When you have constructive feedback or concerns, we will be sure to address them through appropriate channels as quickly as possible. When you need in-the-moment help, you will find support from a large team of experts, peers and supporters. Many voices at the table have brought us to Go-Live day, including medical staff leaders, nursing, pharmacy, medication safety, professional practice, clinical operations and informatics. Thank you all again for the hard work involved in preparing – we are in this together.

— Dr. Pooya Kazemi and Dr. Kellie Whitehill, IHealth Medical Site Leads for RJH and VGH

(Note: This News Brief has been sent to medical staff at RJH and VGH, however content in this issue is primarily focused on the RJH Go-Live.)


Go-Live Date and Time

  • June 8, 2024: Royal Jubilee Hospital

Go-Live for RJH will be at 6 a.m. on Saturday, June 8. When the system goes live, an overhead announcement will be made across the site.

Support for Go-Live includes at-the-elbow team, phone and desktop dispatch

If you have questions or need support during Go-Live at RJH:

  • Look for a member of the IHealth support team on your unit or floor. Tshirt colours indicate the kind of support they provide.
    • Green = Clinical Support
    • Red = ProEx, Informatics
    • Purple = Physician Peer Mentor
    • Blue = IMIT, Technical, Devices, Project
  • Call the IHealth Central Support line at 1-855-755-7001 or 28555.
  • Click the “Band-Aid” support widget at the top of your device screen. With this tool you can:
  • Ask for 24/7 dispatch of at-the-elbow support
  • Access the IHealth Cerner Wiki page
  • Call the 24/7 IHealth Central Support line
  • Get help with Automated Fixes for common technical issues

How to report a quality or safety concern during Go-Live

If you are a member of medical staff and have a quality or safety concern that arises during IHealth Go-Live, you can:

  • Go to the IHealth Command Centre at RJH, in PCC S150 to report (Hours: 24/7 June 8-13 and 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. June 14-21).
  • Safely report a quality or safety concern in the Patient Safety and Learning System (PSLS) by calling 250-519-1526 or toll-free 1-885-433-1526. You can also submit a report of a quality or safety concern on the B.C. PSLS website.

Verbal orders follow policy with implementation of CPOE

Verbal orders should only be received by nursing in emergency situations or when safe or timely ordering is not feasible. All involved parties should stay on the line until the order is documented with accuracy validated through a read-back process. Read more in the Orders Management Policy.

Ordering policy for medical students

Medical students are required to follow UBC’s Faculty of Medicine Policy (Expectations of Medical Students in Supervised Clinical Settings 031A) which specifies:

  • Orders placed by students must be countersigned by a supervising physician before execution and require clear student identification.
  • Year 3 & 4 medical students can take a verbal order in an Urgent/STAT situation, enter it into the EHR as an active order and have it routed for
    co-signature at the earliest opportunity.

Complete mandatory education to prepare for Go-Live

  • Virtual Facilitated Classroom Education (via Zoom)
  • In-Person Workflow Reviews: These sessions focus on your specific area of patient care, using case scenarios and practicing your CPOE training.

Medical staff scheduled for work at RJH June 8 who have not completed their education will not be able to place orders for patient care. If you have not registered for education, please do so immediately by calling the Provider Education and Experience team at 250-713-0484, or email ihealtheducation@islandhealth.ca

Attend a Personalization Session before or during Go-Live

We highly recommend taking 30-60 minutes to attend a Personalization Session with PowerChart adoption coaches, where you will learn how to:

  • Set up your views according to your practice needs
  • Identify and organize your favourite order sets
  • Learn how to modify and save a favourite order set
  • For surgeons and proceduralists, the coach will ensure you know how to place your first-day surgery/procedure orders

Sessions at RJH are available from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Physicians’ Lounge, Surgical Lounge or the Engagement Lab in Royal Block 203. Adoption coaches will also be rounding.

Prepare for Clinical Cutover: providers’ role and responsibility

Cutover is the process of transferring patient orders from paper to the electronic health record (EHR) and takes place as close as possible to Go-Live to ensure information is as current as possible. A detailed list of cutover activities is available for download.

Here are some actions required of providers in the days before Go-Live:

  • Clean up orders in patient charts, discontinuing any unnecessary PRN medications.
  • MRPs on shift the day before and day of Go-Live will be asked to sign off on a template document compiled for them with current orders that will then be entered into the EHR by nursing/pharmacy.
  • Orders thereafter (i.e., the last day before CPOE goes live) will be on a “delta” order sheet so that they are recognized as new and can be entered electronically.
  • Upon Go-Live, providers must review their orders to ensure they are correct.

 Pick up an IHealth lanyard card

Medical staff at RJH can pick up an IHealth support lanyard card in the Physicians’ Lounge or the Engagement Lab (Royal Block 203). If you are unable to pick up a card, the IHealth project and support team will provide them when rounding.



If you have feedback, questions or concerns regarding the IHealth project, please contact:

  • Dr. Pooya Kazemi, IHealth Medical Site Lead, RJH – ph. 250-857-1670
  • Dr. Kellie Whitehill, IHealth Medical Site Lead, VGH – ph. 250-217-4995
  • Dr. Eric Shafonsky, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer – ph. 250-516-7234
  • Email cmioihealthoffice@islandhealth.ca

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