Important: 90-day Claim Limit for FE Projects

In order to align Facility Engagement with Doctors of BC claims policy approved by the Board of Directors, the current 90-day claim submission limit will be updated in FEMS.

  • Claims and expenses must be still submitted within 90 days of the date of activity or expense incurred to be paid.
  • Claims and expenses more than 90 days after the activity date will have to be manually submitted to, per Doctors of BC Policy, late claims will be evaluated by the CEO of Doctors of BC, and will only be approved due to medical disability or debility.
  • Claims more than 12 months old will not be paid.

For ongoing project work, the key date that is used to trigger the 90 days is the date that the expense or work occurred, not the start or end date of the engagement activity.

Example: A claim for work or an expense that occurs on September 1 must be submitted by November 30 to be paid (unless the claim is submitted under exceptional circumstances as above).

For claims or expenses past the 90-day submission deadline, FEMS administrators and/or MSA executives will now decline the claims in FEMS with a comment included that the claim window has been exceeded.

The change will be implemented in FEMS as of April 1, 2023.

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