Kudos to the Mustachioed

Update: HUGE Congratulations to Doctors without Razors for being the third top fundraiser in Canada!

  1. $102,620 raised by DWR for Men’s Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Prostate and Testicular Cancer, getting us on the Podium, and 3rd in the Country.
  2. $10,540+ committed to Breast Cancer.
  3. Our 2018 Movember Moustache Campaign has come to a successful completion! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Stay tuned for details to purchase ‘the calendar that makes you want the next month to be here, already’.


As the month progresses, it will be easy to identify members of the Island Health Movember team, “Doctors without Razors,” in the halls of RJH and VGH.

Their goal is to raise more than the $222,000 that was raised two years ago for men’s mental health, suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer, as well as breast cancer.

As a leader in the Canadian standings, the team has raised just over $40 K so far, and is working hard to make it a Movember to remember!

Click here to join the team or make a contribution towards their efforts – Help them bring glory to Island Health and Vancouver Island!

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