Learning opportunity: “Build A Better Core: Executive Function Skills for Physicians with ADHD”

Please join us! The goal of this exclusive group for physicians with ADHD is to assist you in taking steps toward a fulfilling life. We will focus on executive function skills, providing opportunities to share your experiences and obtain support from your physician colleagues.

START DATE: Wednesday October 12, 2022
TIME: 0715 – 0900

– 8-week, online group for physicians who have a physician or psychologist diagnosis of ADHD.

– Executive Function Skills include the ability to Plan, Organize, Self-Monitor, Regulate Emotions, Optimize Working Memory.
– An understanding of CBT, previous attendance at CBT Skills Groups is an asset. www.cbtskills.ca
– Covered by MSP for BC physicians. Regular attendance is requested.

– Physicians with an established diagnosis of ADHD, in clinical practice. Residents will be considered.
– All other psychiatric conditions, including Depression and Anxiety, are reasonably controlled.
– No diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder, Active Substance Use Disorder, Psychosis, or Personality Disorder.

Elisabeth Baerg Hall, MD, CCFP, FRCPC, is Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, UBC, and Director, The Centre. She specializes in assessment and treatment of health care professionals and executives with ADHD. Dr. Hall is former Consulting Psychiatrist with Physician Health Program and founding Director of Vancouver Coastal Health Adult ADHD Clinic. She is a Board Member of CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance).
Kylie Riou. MD, FRCPC is Consultant Psychiatrist with Vancouver Coastal Health, former consultant, Adult ADHD Clinic and a CADDRA member.

QUESTIONS? Contact Dr. Hall at contact@EBHallMD.com Office Fax: 844-320-4844

– Current PHP clients, please provide your Clinical Coordinator with consent to release your PHP assessments and any psychiatric assessments to Dr. Baerg Hall.
– If appropriate, you will be invited for a pre-group assessment. Final group enrollment will be determined after pre-group assessments are completed.
– Your physician’s referral to Dr. Baerg Hall should say ADHD Physician EF Group. Fax: 844-320-4844
– This referral must be received prior to your pre-group assessment.
– Pre-Group Assessment Process:
* You will receive forms to complete and return. PLEASE PRIORITIZE sending these forms before your pre-group assessment.
* A 60-minute Zoom, pre-group assessment. Please note, there will be no corroboration of ADHD Diagnosis at this session.

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