South Island FEI Working Group approves 8 new Engagement Projects

Monday evening’s Working Group meeting brought together 12 members of our Working Group, partners from Island Health, and support from Doctors of BC to vet and approve 8 physician-led Engagement Projects.  Check out some of the work that will be going on over the next year:

  • VIHA Genomics testing medical stakeholder engagement – Dr. Brian Berry
  • In-Situ Cross Departmental VGH ED Simulation Phase II – Dr. Matthew Carere, Dr. Donovan MacDonald, Dr. Ross Hooker
  • Cardiovascular Unit CRRT Physician Education – Dr. Brian Gregson, Dr. Danny Jaswal, Dr. Kevin Horgan
  • Adult and Geriatric Mental Health Engagement Project Phase II – Dr. Jeanine Marshall, Dr. Chris Blashko, Dr. Joyce Coutts
  • Enhancing specialist care for patients with decompensated liver disease – Dr. Brian Mc Ardle, Dr. Rohit Pai, Dr. Theo Jankowski
  • ED Template Project – Dr. Carolyn McQuarrie
  • GI Functional Clinic Planning Meeting – Dr. Rohit Pai, Dr. Andrew Singh
  • Urgent Perinatal Mental Health Services Care Coordination – Dr. Alicia Power, Dr. Jasmina Kobiljski
  • Heart Failure Cohorting RJH – Dr. Elizabeth Swiggum

Inspired?  The next round of project proposals will be accepted until January 5, 2021Submit yours today!

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