What a great evening!

Our Annual General Meetings Evening was a stellar success this year, with more than 60 physicians, organizational partners, and administrators joining together in celebration.

Some highlights of the evening included:

  • Information, knowledge, and wisdom shared by the Family Caregivers of BC, the Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness, the Physician Health Program, Victoria Hospitals Foundation, and the South Island MSA’s own Physician Wellness and Social Committee
  • The unveiling of this year’s Annual Report and Storybook (keep your eyes open for a copy in the Doctors Lounge, or let us know and we’ll send one to you)
  • A beautiful welcome and blessing by Marilyn, an Elder with the Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness.  Her thoughtful words started our time together off in a good way.
  • Presentation of our annual South Island MSA Recognition Awards.  Award winners will be recognized through our website and newsletter in the coming weeks.
  • A wonderful keynote address from Dr. Katharine Smart, who shared how physicians can harness the powers of social media to counteract falsehoods, lead by example, and promote positive messaging.  It was a truly inspiring talk, followed by an interactive and personalized Q&A time.

What was most striking, though, was the energy in the room:  It was a treat to gather in person and celebrate our community.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join, and we hope to welcome even more people next year!

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