Clinical Applications of Narrative Medicine

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We’re pleased to present our second in a series of workshops on Narrative Medicine, this time with a focus on clinical application.  No previous experience necessary!

A follow up to our initial session, this will be co-facilitated by Dr. Sarah de Leeuw and Dr. Mona Maleki.

This event is jointly sponsored by the South Island MSA, the South Island Division of Family Practice, the Saanich Peninsula Physician Society, and the Victoria Division of Family Practice.

To register for one of the limited seats, please email by Tuesday, June 1.

What is “narrative medicine”?

  • It’s an approach to medicine that values, open spaces for, and recognizes people’s narratives (their stories and accounts that follow a narrative arc)in clinical practice, research, and education as a way to promote healing. It is an interdisciplinary approach that uses deep listening and creativity from the humanities and the arts to address the needs of all who seek and deliver healthcare. Narrative medicine enables patients and caregivers to voice experiences, to be heard, to be recognized, and to be valued.

What can I expect to do during this second workshop?

  • Similar to the first workshop you are needing to just bring yourself and your experience. You will be participating and writing. You don’t need any previous writing or narrative medicine exposure. You don’t have to share but of course if you want you can!

What will I take away?

  • The ongoing development of a tool to use into your day-to day practice as a provider. The exploration of the idea of “translation” and your own narrative story in connection to patient care. For some of you this will be an introduction to narrative medicine and the critical lens shed on clinical practice through the humanities.

What will I need?

  • Your willingness to be reflective and delve in to your thoughts and feelings. Some paper and a pen or something you can type into such as a laptop/tablet/phone. In the past it has been noted that pens and paper are best for this event.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Narrative Medicine as an approach to the incorporation of the humanities into every day clinical practice.
  • Reflect on personal and professional clinical experience in relation to patient care, with a focus around patient-physician communication
  • Synthesize your own experience through narrative in an accessible and supportive space
  • Connect with colleagues in a therapeutic space of reflection and community building around clinical experience and practice


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