South Island FEI Working Group Meeting

Event Details


Our Working Group will meet to discuss engagement project proposals, FEI status, and issues of the day!

Dinner starts 5:30, meeting 6-8 pm


1.  Welcome and Introductions

·        Round table introductions

·        Working Group – Purpose, role, and value

·        Approval of Minutes of Meeting of February 7, 2022


2.  Update from Doctors of BC

·        Annebeth Leurs, Engagement Partner

·        Alanna Black, Regional Advocate and Advisor


3.  Financial Overview

·        2021/22 Year End

·        2022/23 Update


4.  Engagement Projects

·        Evaluation and Current Dissemination Strategies

·        Core Group Introduction and Call for Members

·        Green Light Projects (8)

·        Projects for Discussion (1)


5.  Update on Current Activities and Initiatives

·        Wellness and Social Committee – Strategic Planning Update

·        Partnerships – SIDFP, VDFP, PQI, HSR

·        Other engagement opportunities:  Walk a Doc, Interdepartmental Meetups, Virtual Doctors’ Lounge Meetups


6.  Additional Business

·        Other topics

·        Upcoming events

·        Future Meetings


7.  Adjournment


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