Victoria Hospice Tips and Tricks Evening

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Victoria Hospice Tips and Tricks: 

Navigating the system and providing end of life care at home to your patients

Do you find yourself struggling to find time in your day to provide care to end of life patients at home?

Is navigating the community health services system confusing you?

Are you baffled by understanding how to access and interact with the Palliative Response Team (PRT)?

If your answer to any of these is yes, this evening is designed for you!    Come learn the ins and outs of community-based palliative care in the South Island. Hear from experienced local colleagues and community health services team members about how they work together, access the Palliative Response Team, and touch base with Hospice, all while smoothing their day-to-day office activities.

Participants will be partially compensated for their time, and dinner will be provided.  Register online today!