Congratulations to Dr. Laura Phillips, BC Family Doctor of the Year

Dr. Laura Phillips, an exemplary family physician based in Victoria, has, in the words of one her nominators, “lead by example and demonstrated outstanding leadership and advocacy skills while being a role model for all whom she interacts with.” Graduating from UBC in 2001 and completing her Family Medicine residency in Victoria, Dr. Phillips embarked on a journey of service that has positively impacted her patients, colleagues and communities.

For over a decade, Dr. Phillips has been a “stalwart member of the medical community in Victoria”, co-chairing the Care Transitions Committee with the Victoria Division of Family Practice. Through this pivotal role, she has tirelessly collaborated with health authorities and fellow physicians to bridge the gaps in patient care, navigating the complexities of the medical system with grace and determination.

“Laura is a humble person,” says another of her nominators, “and does not advertise all the work that she does for others, but you don’t have to look very far in our community to find Laura behind many of the changes for the better that our community has experienced.”

Her profound love for Family Medicine radiates through every aspect of her work. Despite the challenges, Dr. Phillips finds joy in nurturing enduring relationships with her patients, offering support in their journey to better health, and providing comfort even in the face of adversity.

Dr. Phillip’s impact extends far beyond her clinical practice. Her peers and patients alike recognize her as a paragon of humility, compassion, and advocacy. As one nomination aptly states, “She is greatly appreciated by her patients. She shows compassion and advocates for them on an individual basis as part of her day, every day.”

Beyond her many professional endeavors, Dr. Phillips finds solace in family and hobbies. Married for over 25 years with two young-adult children, she enjoys cycling, rock climbing, reading – and indulging in her love for chocolate! Dr. Phillips “speaks from the heart,” says her nominator, “and always manages to bring people together to work towards a common cause.”

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