IHealth Update – Feb 14, 2024


Register now for Virtual Facilitated Classroom Sessions

Medical staff are urged to register for their Virtual Facilitated Classroom Session. An email sent from the Office of the CMIO December 29 includes information and your unique link for registration. If you require assistance to register, please email IHealthEducation@IslandHealth.ca

Visit the IHealth website to view the steps needed to complete your education prior to Go-Live. You can also view the IHealth Journey for Medical Staff.

Remuneration and CME credits provided for CPOE education

Medical staff will be remunerated at non-clinical sessional rates, for their CPOE and/or clinical documentation learning: 6 hours for CPOE and 4 hours for ClinDoc. Providers are compensated after all education activities are completed.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are available for CPOE education activities. When all education activities are finished, medical staff will be sent a post-education CME survey to complete. Once completed, available credits will be issued.

Practice CPOE at Engagement Labs @ RJH and VGH

Drop by the IHealth Engagement Labs at RJH and VGH with a question, or to practice electronic order entry in the PLYIH (Play) domain. Engagement Labs are currently open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • @ RJH: Royal Block 203
  • @ VGH: S275

Book a 1-on-1 or small group demo with Dr. Andre de Wit

Get personalized support for your learning from Dr. Andre de Wit, IHealth Medical Lead for ProEX. If you are interested in booking a 1-on-1 demo, or a small group session to support your EHR learning, email IHealthEducation@IslandHealth.ca.


Order set release in advance of activation guided by principles

The release of electronic order sets prior to the VGH/RJH activation of CPOE is guided by these principles:

  • Updated electronic order sets will be deployed to NRGH.
  • A subset of order sets will be deployed to new content/specialty areas, e.g., Interventional Radiology, Neurosurgery.
  • Evaluation of early paper order set release at VGH/RJH is guided by discussion among IHealth Specialty Leads and Department and Division Heads and based on such factors as complexity of the medical condition and associated workflows.

Requests are being accepted for operational release of order sets prior to activation, and will consider:

  • Has the request gone through the order set harmonization process?
  • Have the order sets been approved at the orders management working group?
  • Are operational areas able to implement the new order sets themselves?

Contact your IHealth Specialty Lead for more information on release of order sets.



Learn about CPOE quick orders and favourites to support efficient workflows

Use of your Quick Orders page, creating favourites, and use of the Favorites Folder in PowerChart will help medical staff become more efficient in their ordering workflows.

Watch this demonstration video on CPOE quick orders and favourites with Dr. Andre de Wit.




Here are some questions we have received recently from medical staff:

Q:  Will verbal orders be allowed with CPOE?  I keep hearing that they will no longer be accepted by nurses.

A. Verbal orders will always be required and permitted. There are few orders that have never been allowed per policy. The policy is clear about circumstances where a verbal order is reasonable (when an ordering provider is in the OR, when driving, in emergent situations, etc.)
The change in the electronic environment is that a nurse must log onto a computer, enter the order and await any clinical decision support alerts that arise while placing that order. The ordering provider must stay on the phone to deal with any alerts.

Q. Why are the education hours offered all during my clinical day? Can evenings and weekend times be made available?
A. We are trying to achieve balance for both the educators and the physicians attending sessions.  Considerations include:

  • Our small number of team members provide multiple functions
  • Our team members provide support and rounding during the day
  • Onboarding all physicians, residents and students on an Island wide basis. These activities take place during daytime hours.
  • Family and after-hours responsibilities are considered

Should groups have a specific request, we will try to make accommodations.

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