GoldStar Award Winners – January 2024

We’re excited to share the stories of two thoroughly deserving GoldStar award winners this month:

Corey Dustin has been recognized by Dr. David Naysmith:

“There is seldom a day that passes that I don’t see Corey pushing, pulling, loading or unloading a cart full of laundry. He is usually moving at high speed, often with perspiration beading his forehead and always with a smile and a friendly greeting. Seeing him always makes my day better and I come away knowing that the hospital is lucky to have him as an employee.”

Dr. Mike Szeto has been recognized by Dr. Kelsey Mills:

“I am an obstetrician/gynecologist working on a Sunday managing a complex gynecologic patient. I had put a page through for internal medicine/heme and somehow this hematologist had answered the phone even when he was not on-call. He was so collegial, kind and went over and above to help me with a complicated hematologic issue. He could have said “I am not on-call” or “call a different provider” but instead really went over and above to help set up good care for this patient. I was so impressed with his collegiality and just wanted to say thank you.”

Many thanks to Drs. Mills and Naysmith for their thoughtful nominations, and to Corey and Dr. Szeto for being the kinds of thoughtful colleagues who help make the workplace better!

If you’re a physician who would like to nominate someone for a GoldStar award, please share their name and your story with us at





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