Improving your Island Health email experience

Frustrated with some of the practical challenges of his Island Health inbox, Dr. Ian Bekker wanted to find ways to make his email address work better.  Supported by the South Island MSA’s Facility Engagement funding, Dr. Bekker worked with IMIT on ways to streamline incoming messages, optimize inboxes, and even redirect senders.  The result?  PEEMP:

The Physician Email Enhancement and Management Portal (PEEMP:  can help you.

On the PEEMP site you can:

  • Filter corporate messages from your inbox
  • Have your MOA manage your calendar
  • Sign up for Island Health email on your personal phone
  • Put an auto-reply on Island Health email directing people to another address or phone number
  • Receive notifications of new Island Health email

Island Health email allows you to:

  • Coordinate care for patients with others within Island Health
  • Be invited and stay up to date with Island health meetings and care conferences
  • Coordinate quality improvement projects such as book meetings with mangers and staff
  • Sign up for MS Teams

Try and PEEMP your email today!

Contact  for more information.

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