Kudos: Thanks to all at Royal Jubilee cardiac ward letter in Times Colonist

It’s always great to be able to share good news.  Many thanks to Dr. Ali Walzac, Dr. Chris Franco, and all the physicians and care team members who are caring for Dr. Zonk!

“I was admitted to Royal Jubilee Hospital through emergency for 24 hours and then transferred to the cardiac ward, where I have been for seven days.

During my stay here, I have been attended by many doctors, nurses, aides and technicians and, without exception, they have been marvellous and cheerful, despite what must be exhausting conditions in these difficult times.

I would like to send special thanks to my emergency room nurses Dave and Sarah, and in the cardiac ward, Melissa, Dallas, Catherine, Genevieve, Matt and Leah, and aides Tammy and Rob as well as my cardiac doctors Dr. Walzak and Dr. Franco and their residents — especially for their patience in answering my many chemistry questions. Thanks also to the techs that take blood, run ECGs and X-rays etc., and the aides that got me to each place, brought food and cleaned. Royal Jubilee Hospital is one huge, well-oiled machine.

As a retired chemistry professor who taught chemistry to thousands of students over the four decades I was there, it gave me great pleasure when at least a dozen of those who attended to me at the hospital either recognized me from their student days, or I recognized them. Nothing gives a teacher greater pleasure than seeing their students succeed in their lives. Thank you all.

Reg Mitchell (aka. Dr Zonk)
Retired chemistry professor

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