Ministry of Health COVID Funding for Fall/Winter

The Ministry of Health has announced funding for physician time spent on planning activities in support of the COVID-19Health Sector Plan for Fall/Winter 2020/21.

Physicians will be compensated to a maximum of 20 hours in total for active planning performed between October 19, 2020 to March 31, 2021 at the Physician Master Agreement 2020/21 sessional hourly rates for:

  • Meetings and planning work that is directly related to supporting the Management of COVID-19 Health Sector Plan for Fall/Winter 2020/21;
  • Meetings about service delivery planning, re-design and implementation related to provision of patient care at a community, facility, regional and/or provincial level in response to COVID-19;
  • Extraordinary planning work that goes beyond usual department, division or MSA meeting – planning for patient care in the outpatient physician office settings is not eligible;
  • Physicians who are active in the planning – payment will not be provided for passive attendance at meetings.

This can include activities such as COVID simulations (planners and active participants), backup crisis scheduling, and interdepartmental knowledge sharing sessions.

To access this funding for hours that meet the criteria, please email with the dates, duration, activity description and outcome of your COVID-related work.  Alternately, use this spreadsheet to keep track of your hours and send to

Ideally, hours will be submitted once the 20-hour cap is reached, but will be accepted until April 9, 2021.  Time claims in excess of 20 hours may not be compensated.

Please note:

  • Payment will be made in June 2021.
  • If you have a Medical Leader contract with Island Health, please follow their process. Questions can be sent to
  • The 20 hours is a maximum per physician and may also be accessed through your Division of Family Practice.

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