Opportunity: Seeking Physician Members of the Medical Staff for a New Sub-Committee

A new Working Group of physicians, Island Health, and Doctors of BC is being formed to focus on issues surrounding discipline and respectful workplace policies and procedures.

Through the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Physician Physical and Psychological safety, the first project under the MOA mandate in the Island Health region sought confidential physician feedback on the Respectful Workplace and Enhanced Medical Support Services (EMSS) policies. One of the recommendations from this work was the formation of a Working Group.

The purpose of this Working Group is to create a forum to discuss the MOA report recommendations, disciplinary and respectful workplace policies and procedures, and EMSS communications. The goal is to have a small group of representatives come together to raise topics and concerns in a safe space, whereby the group may make recommendations to Island Health.

The group will be composed of physician representatives, Island Health, and Doctors of BC. Limited positions are available to maintain a small and functional assembly.
Doctors of BC Provincial Webpage

Committee: Sub-Committee on Physician Discipline and Respectful Workplace [Formal name to be selected by the Working Group].

Available Positions:
(1) Physician in an Island Health Medical Leadership position
(1) MSA Executive Physician Representative
(2) Physician Members at large

Reports to: Island Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Working Group on Physician Psychological and Physical Safety, or “Island MOA Working Group”. This joint committee with physician, Doctors of BC, and Island Health representation will receive updates through the Doctors of BC Regional Advisor and Advocate (RAA).

Funded by: Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Physician Psychological and Physical Safety. Physicians will be compensated for their time at the Doctors of BC honoraria rate through funds assigned to the Island Health region. Reimbursement and allocation of funds occurs through the Advocacy Department at Doctors of BC. Island Health representatives will be compensated through Island Health, per established employee conditions.

Time Commitment: One monthly 90min meeting for 12+ months is expected. Meetings will be held virtually with the option for ad hoc in person.

Application: Please submit your CV and brief paragraph with your interest to Erica Kjekstad at erica.kjekstad@shaw.ca by Monday, January 31 2022 end of day. Please include the position you would be applying for. Selected applicants will be notified by mid-February, 2022.

The Island MOA Working Group encourages applicants from all backgrounds, experience and geographies to apply as we seek a diverse and inclusive membership on the committee.

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