Pregnancy for Professionals – a new resource

We are Dr.  Alicia Power and Dr. Sarah Lea,  family physicians who care for pregnant and newly parenting people in Victoria, B.C.

In launching our patient-focused website,, our @she.found.motherhood Instagram account, and the She Found Motherhood Podcast, we have learned an incredible amount from our allied health colleagues, other physicians, and midwives who work with pregnant and newly parenting people. We realized how valuable and necessary it is to bring an interdisciplinary lens to the provider world.

We have received funding through Doctors of BC to develop an interdisciplinary, collaborative, evidence-based platform to ensure that we, as professionals providing care to pregnant and newly parenting people, can come together, learn from each other, and understand how we can best work together to improve the care we provide to this patient population.

Our new site, Pregnancy for Professionals, will transform the way we work together and support us all with knowledge as well as create a vital community of interdisciplinary learning.

We have officially launched a beta version of this free platform which includes the following:

  • Biweekly episodes of the Pregnancy for Professionals Podcast
  • Interdisciplinary Live Webinars every six weeks, offering interactive panels on cross-relevant topics such as tongue ties, plagiocephaly, birth trauma & more
  • Print Resources for providers and patient-focused resources on relevant topics.

As we continue building this exciting venture, we would greatly appreciate your support in spreading the word, as well as helping us hone our product by completing this brief (2 min) survey that will allow us to better assess your needs. Pregnancy for Professionals is created by providers, for providers, to support our patients and one another s as we take on this often challenging but rewarding and essential work.

To join our P4P community and keep abreast of our launch, new developments, and upcoming free content releases please sign-up via: 

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