Reminder: Docs’ Dos and Don’ts during Elections

A reminder from Doctors of BC:

British Columbians will be voting in a provincial election on October 24th. While we are in the midst of the election period, it is important that the Medical Staff Associations (which are funded through the PMA by the BC Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC) remain non-partisan.

This means:

  • No media/public comments from the MSAs (or individuals representing those groups) on issues/topics that relate to government, political announcements, etc.
  • No news releases, media pitches or other public announcements on projects funded by MoH and Doctors of BC.

What can continue during the election:

  • Individual physicians can speak out on issues; however, they should not identify or be affiliated with the MSA.
  • Public service announcements – for example: get your flu shot, etc.

Doctors of BC, which is funded by members’ dues, is the organization that would be involved in issues that may arise during the election campaign that impact physicians.

That said, Doctors of BC is generally non-partisan during campaigns, as we want to be in a position to work with whichever party forms a newly elected government.

Questions or concerns? E-mail Jennifer Killam at

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