Success Story: South Island Urology Care

A number of changes have happened in the Division of Urology:  Two of its membership retired unexpectedly, sexual medicine practitioners have been included as part of the care team, and infertility care has been added to its slate.  Drs. Nathan Hoag and Jeff McCracken felt the time was right for a discussion on how the renewed team could continue its excellent care of urology patients in the South Island.  The Urologists met with nursing administration, associated specialties, and Island Health administration to discuss just this.

The group developed a plan to work together strategically to ensure comprehensive support for the Urology team and its patients’ care.  By including Island Health in the discussions, the Division received assurance about integrating its care with services provided in other parts of Vancouver Island.

As a result of the meetings, the Urology team is now offering open slate one half day per week to decrease the burden on the surgery add board, has planned for enhanced medical education for students and residents in their practice, and will investigate better ways of providing urodynamics care (UDS), considering both in-office and in-hospital options.  Additionally, the meetings increased the personal connections within and beyond the team, resulting in improved collegiality and better working relationships.

Better teamwork, improved clinical options, and greater professional satisfaction?  Let’s call this one a win.

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