South Island MSA Dues are…Due

Quick Link for your 2020 Dues – now online!

Full letter from Dr. Don Milliken, President, South Island MSA:

Dear Colleague,

During the first half of 2020, all of the MSA’s focus was on what we could do to keep physicians and patients safe. To this end, we pivoted our Facility Engagement Initiative funding to provide urgent financial support for COVID-19 engagement activities, spurred administration and Doctors of BC to fund needed extra administrative preparation, and advocated for compensation for colleagues whose income was severely impacted.

Now that the crisis has abated, we are returning to more regular functioning, which includes collecting membership dues for 2020. For those who are not familiar with our range of activities in more normal times, our annual report and website provide a comprehensive picture. To fulfill our mandate, we need your personal and financial support. For those who do not know, every health authority in BC requires membership in the MSA to maintain privileges.

This year the dues process is available online. The amounts approved at the last AGM are unchanged since 2009:

Active and Associate Privileges:                 $250.00

Provisional:                                                      $175.00

Provisional after July 1:                                $100.00

Locum Tenens:    $15/month, or               $180.00

Leave of Absence of 6 months or more:  $100.00

We share 40% with the Victoria Medical Society to support their activities.

We anticipate the rest of this year will be equally busy. We have yet another administrative re-organization to address; we will have a new VP of Medicine to develop relations with; we will have the continuing development of iHealth; we will continue to work for a culture of psychological safety, and a culture where medical input is welcomed rather than just receiving lip-service. While the link for your dues payment is here and necessary, if we are to address these successfully, we need your active support in other ways as well.

After deposit, you should receive an instant receipt in the email. If you don’t, please check your junk mail box, and also give us safe sender permissions.

Many thanks,

Don Milliken

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