Funding to support COVID-19 Preparation Activities – Updated

The South Island FEI Working Group has approved limited funding to support physician engagement activities in preparation for COVID-19 clinical requirements.  Please also see further details from the President here.

What CAN be funded?  Please remember we are bound by FE Funding Guidelines

  • An extraordinary meeting for Divisions to complete planning and contingency work
  • COVID simulations (especially if cross-departmental or with HA staff)
  • Wellness work to support South Island MSA members
  • Planning, contingency work, and emergency meetings among Divisions or Departments may be considered.
  • All included activities must be related to COVID and are outside of usual clinical practice.
  • No activities should be considered precedent setting for the future.
  • Meetings and activities held on or after Wednesday, March 11th will be considered.
  • Please keep track of all hours spent on COVID preparation (names, dates, durations, topics, outcomes).  If we’re not able to fund it, we’d like to collect a representative picture of all work that ISN’T being paid for.

What CANNOT be funded? 

  • Clinical equipment, supplies, and care
  • Preparation activities for when life gets back to normal (i.e. dealing with waitlists)
  • N95 fittings, donning and doffing practice
  • Standing meetings

How do I let SI-FEI know about an eligible meeting/simulation?

  • Send your Information Organizer (or delegate) the date, duration, participants, meeting/simulation purpose, and outcomes. 
  • We will submit time claims on your behalf and get payments out ASAP.

Questions?  Contact us at

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