Success Story: Narrative Medicine Workshop

There are so many ways that we communicate each day:  Face to face (well, mask to mask!), over the phone, by text, through email.  But how can we make those – and other – communications more personable, more effective, and more impactful?

Dr. Sarah de Leeuw, PhD, writer, thinker, and all-around phenomenal teacher, recently led 40 Victoria-area physicians through a workshop on Narrative Medicine:  As a professor at the UBC School of Medicine, she teaches students best practices in clinical interactions as well as writing and communication as a therapeutic modality for their own wellness.

Two of her residents, Mona Maleki and Mei Wen, co-facilitated the workshop, enabling small groups to share stories with each other, take part in reflective writing exercises, and think about communication in a different way.

Thanks to this workshop, local physicians are changing how they approach clinical notes:  Not as a boring chore, but as a way of both telling a story and as a therapeutic exercise for themselves.  They’re also writing on their own a bit more, taking time to reflect and care for themselves.

So keep your eyes open on your incoming referral letters or consult reports…they might look and feel a bit different!

Thanks to this session, we’re hoping to put together a virtual Physician Writing Group, meeting up monthly.  Interested?  Let us know!

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