Success Story: South Island MSA Award for Communications Leadership

At last week’s Annual General Meeting, the first annual South Island MSA Leadership Awards were given, recognizing physicians who had made notable contributions in each award category this year.  We’ll be taking the opportunity to recognize these physicians over the coming weeks in Success Story Thursday.  We’ll be sharing the tributes given to each award winner by Dr. Don Milliken, President.

Our first award of the evening is for Communications Leadership, someone who has facilitated effective communication between the medical staff, administration, and the Board of Directors of Island Health.  The Executive is delighted to recognize Dr. Daisy Dulay.

As the Chair of the Physician Wellness and Social Committee, Daisy’s leadership in the area of Physician Wellness has ensured this critical topic is a consideration at every level within Island Health.

From securing Island Health Board representation at a discussion about Physician Burnout, to facilitating physician connections through social activities, Dr Dulay’s passion for creating a healthier community of physicians is evident.

She is one of the physicians working closely with Island Health to create the “Wellness Today for a Better Tomorrow” event later this month.

Daisy has taken the work of the South Island Physician Wellness and Social Committee to provincial tables, other MSAs, and online fora to share the momentum that her leadership has created.

Given that one of Daisy’s first acts as Chair of the Physician Wellness and Social Committee was to explore the importance and gestures of physician recognition, it seems only fitting that she should also be the first recipient of such an award.

I am pleased to recognize Dr. Daisy Dulay with this award for Communications Leadership.

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