Update: Interdepartmental Impact Review of the Primary Care Crisis on Specialty Physician Experiences – Opportunity to Share Narrative Stories

An update from Dr. Anna Mason:

As part of a Medical Staff Association Facilities Engagement Initiative, we are conducting an “Interdepartmental Impact Review of the Primary Care Crisis on Specialty Physician Experiences.” The aim of this project is to engage specialist physicians in the shared goal of improving the primary care infrastructure in the South Island. This project will give specialist physicians an opportunity to voice their experiences in caring for patients who have had inadequate access to primary care. A specialist voice has been missing from the conversation around the primary care crisis. We feel it is important to hear from you and your colleagues as this crisis impacts specialists’ workload and the ability to provide quality care within specialists’ scope of practice.

We have recruited 35 specialists across a range of departments to participate in personal interviews with Frieda, UBC Faculty of Medicine FLEX student, May 2nd – 27th, 2022.

Our next opportunity for engagement is using MIRO – a secure online platform-  where specialists can submit their narrative experiences anonymously.  For access to this board, or for project contact information, please email info@southislandmsa.ca 

The data we collect as part of this project will allow us to generate a report which will outline common narratives and will be presented to stakeholders upon completion.  Patient and provider confidentiality will be maintained by redacting any identifying responses.  Any quotes used in the final project will be reviewed with the originating physician.

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