Your questions about the Clinical Governance Improvement Initiative

Thank you to those members of the South Island Medical Staff who have put forward questions about the Clinical Governance Improvement Initiative (CGII).  We hope that Dr. Williams will address these at our MSA Meeting on Monday, May 9th.

Do you have questions to add?  Let us know or bring them to the meeting.

Looking to join the meeting?  Check your newsletter of Thursday, May 5 or email us for the Zoom link.

  1. What do you see as the main problems with the current governance structure?
  2. We understand that our current governance structure was the results of previous redesigns. Why do you feel that these redesigns didn’t work and what do you feel is different about this current project that will make it more successful?
  3. Will there be an effort to alter the current division of Departmental and Operational medical leadership?  The theory has not seemed to have worked in that the structure is cumbersome and confusing and some issues are both departmental and operational in nature.
  4. Do we need fewer medical leaders doing more, leaders who are better supported and more accountable?
  5. Why was is decided to do this project now when resources are stretched? How was this chosen over other priorities?
  6. Why has the completion date been delayed?
  7. What stage is the project at now?
  8. Who is being consulted? If medical staff want to give input, how can they do this?
  9. What were the results of the Governance Survey done in January? If a report is available will it be made public?  If not, why not?
  10. Will the final report from Deloitte be made public?
  11. What is the budget of the project? Does this include the time that salaried staff are devoting to the project or just outside expenditures?
  12. Is the extension of the project resulting in cost over-runs?
  13. What does ‘success’ look like?
  14. What metrics are you using to determine whether the redesign is successful? What differences should we expect to see in one year and five years?
  15. How will you ensure accountability if the redesign is unsuccessful?


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