2021 South Island MSA Award for Innovation Leadership

Over the past few weeks, we’ve acknowledged those who received South Island MSA Recognition Awards at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Our final award goes to a team.  This group of individuals has been working tirelessly to bring a clinical and system idea to life.  Dr. Jean Maskey wishes to recognize the physicians involved in the Hospital at Home rollout.

Led by Dr. Shauna Tierney, Dr. Lenny Woo, and Dr. Melinda Zeron-Mullins, the group of 13 physicians are building upon the work started by Dr. Tierney and Dr. Elisabeth Crisci thanks to funding through the South Island MSA and Health System Redesign.

What was once an idea is now live:  Patients are able to be at home with the medical and nursing support to see them through to a stage of stabilization of their acute illness.

As shared by Dr. Maskey, “Getting this program up and running has required teamwork and medical skills, but also liaison with allied health care team members, and communication with the Island Health Administrative leads, who have given their unwavering support.”

She also notes that this program has required a change in approach to clinical care:  Hospitalists now need to think more critically about where and how a patient can best be treated.  This has required flexibility, teamwork, communications, problem solving…in short, innovation!

To each of the physicians who has worked hard to make Hospital at Home the success and game-changer that it is, thank you.  Please join me in recognizing the Hospital at Home team with these Awards for Innovation Leadership:

Dr. Daniel Newman

Dr. Dillon Takata

Dr. Dion Scott

Dr. Elisabeth Crisci

Dr. Kamran Forghani

Dr. Lenny Woo

Dr. Liz Thompson

Dr. Melinda Zeron-Mullins

Dr. Nancy Humber

Dr. Pierre Pepler

Dr. Saskia Acton

Dr. Shauna Tierney

Dr. Tess Hammett

Dr. Vivian Ming

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