2022 South Island MSA Award for Innovation Leadership

Over the past few weeks, we’ve acknowledged those who received South Island MSA Recognition Awards at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Our final award goes to a team.  This group of individuals has been working tirelessly to make their services and team work better, not only for themselves, but for their patients and colleagues.  Dr. Maria Kang and Dr. Paul Colella wish to recognize the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team:

  • Dr. Anna Kalenchuk
  • Dr. Brenda Copen
  • Dr. Carol-Ann Saari
  • Dr. Jane Ryan
  • Dr. John Strauss
  • Dr. Molli Hinkle
  • Dr. Nicole Martin
  • Dr. Rachelle Bouffard
  • Dr. Rodney Drabkin
  • Dr. Tanya Crawford

As shared by Drs. Kang and Colella, “Over the last few years, they have increased their physician person-power; created a new call group; had many difficult conversations; improved access and flow in and out of the VGH emergency department as well have improved the inpatient care for children and youth requiring mental health admissions at VGH.”

I have observed that their work has “helped to make lives a bit smoother for these patients that used to fall through the cracks.”

Dr. Carol-Ann Saari, Medical Lead, acknowledges her colleagues’ willingness and flexibility to change the system over a short time frame AND during a pandemic.

To each of the physicians who has worked hard to improve how your expert care is delivered, thank you.  Please join us in recognizing the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry team with these Awards for Innovation Leadership!

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