2023 South Island MSA Award for Community Leadership

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be celebrating those who received South Island MSA Recognition Awards at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

The first award is for Community Leadership.  It gives us the chance to recognize colleagues who have fostered physician-to-physician relationships to improve professional and collegial bonds.

A thoughtful colleague put forward a warm nomination for Dr. Matt Billinghurst.

As a physician, Matt brings his best self to every one every day.  He is thorough and professional, and will never rush when providing care to a patient or help to a colleague.  To ensure that new physicians feel comfortable and confident in their work, Dr. Billinghurst goes above and beyond.  As shared by his nominator, Matt’s support “helped improve the level of patient care I provide.  Without him I cannot imagine how well I would have adapted to the hospital work.”  Matt is an exceptional role model for all of us in how to provide detailed comprehensive care.

Dr. Billinghurst is known for arriving at Morning Meeting in bike gear after taking the really long way to work, for often staying late to make sure his care is thorough, and for working diligently to improve his own skills.  Word has it, if you can’t find the ultrasound machine, just look for Matt.

With sincere appreciation for his collegiality and professionalism, we are delighted to recognize Dr. Matt Billinghurst with the Award for Community Leadership.

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