A Word from the President: 7 Important Items

Usually I try to limit items in the newsletter to 3: this month has 7, all important.

  1. There will be a meeting of the MSA / FEI on Tuesday, February 19 in PCC 150, supper at 5:30, agenda at 6pm. Topics: the proposed Rules, and the proposed changes to Medical Administration. I hope both Kathy MacNeil, our CEO and Jeremy Etherington, our CMO, will attend. Reserve your seat and meal at vicmedso@telus.net.
  2. We really need a volunteer to fill out our Executive as a director-at-large. Current members are drawn from psychiatry, hospitalists, the ER and anaesthesia. What about your department?
  3. The revised rules run 70+ pages. The first sections on how to join, responsibilities for patient care, etc. will be available soon, and we will send out then out as soon as possible. Comments can go to president@southislandmsa.ca or jenkins@viha.ca. If you wish me to bring stuff forward without you being identified, I will (as long as it is polite!)
  4. Your Executive spent 5 hours one Sunday thinking about how best to serve you, and the role of the MSA. Our basic role and approach is here.
  5. At our last general meeting we agreed to form a group of practicing clinicians to consult and comment on readiness for iHealth when it comes to Victoria. After discussion, this will be an MSA / SIMAC co-operative venture.
  6. A shout out must go to Jeremy Etherington for promoting working together. Normally we are not asked to serve on selection committees for administrative appointments, but I have been asked to participate in the selection of the new position of “Director for Medical Staff Engagement and Change Management”.
  7. Don’t forget the date for receipt of Project Proposals: January 28.

That’s enough for one month.

Happy holidays to all.

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