RJH ClinDoc Go Live – Latest information

All Medical Staff at RJH are going live with ClinDoc today.
The following areas are also going live today:
  • Emergency Department
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)
  • Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
  • Surgical Day Care
  • Operating Room (procedure control only)
If you are working in another area of RJH, nursing notes will remain paper-based for now. Medical Staff will use ClinDoc for all notes, including progress notes.
When other areas are closer to 80% trained, they will go forward with ClinDoc.
You are not alone!
  • More than 150 IHealth team members will be providing support during the RJH Go Live transition period.  Phone support is available 24/7 at 1-877-755-7001
  • Email support is available at ihealthclindocproject@viha.ca
  • Project Staff, Clinical Informaticists, and Peer Mentors will be rounding to make sure your questions are answered.
  • Also available are Pooya Kazemi (250-857-1670), Mary Lyn Fyfe (250-920-8801), Eric Shafonsky (250-516-7234), and Chris Hall (250-580-3597)
Device issues?
  • All computers will be checked regularly to make sure they are working properly.
  • If a device isn’t working, deliver it to a Device Depot and grab a new one (we’ll find out where these are and post them on our website). Returned devices will be sent for repair.
Let’s talk dictation
  • Dictations, including progress notes, will continue.
  • The team is working to download Dragon on to all devices.
  • If a Dragon isn’t available, you can use Nuance Power Mic Mobile on your phone.
Training woes? 
  • If you are having trouble with the Learning Management System (LMS), whether it is completing the modules or producing a completion certificate, please contact: ClinicalInformaticsEducators@viha.ca
Concerns, questions, worries?
  • Your MSA is here to help. If your concern is remains unresolved or you want to give us feedback about Go Live, contact us at info@southislandmsa.ca.

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