GoldStar Award Winners – February 2024

We have two more wonderfully deserving GoldStar award winners to recognize:

Dr. Jeff Eisen has been recognized by Nic Hume (paramedic) via Dr. Mike Thomson.

As the story goes Jeff was ‘minding his own business’ when he saw fire and ambulance respond to a dental office. Jeff offered his assistance and Nic went out of his way to explain how collegial he was and didn’t intrude but asked how he could help. Thank you, Jeff, for being a thoughtful colleague, and (quoting Dr. Maria Kang) “an exemplary physician and human being.”

Dr. David Thomas has been recognized by Dr. Gina Gill.

As one of the ED physicians that worked during the Code Grey, Gina wanted to send a specific thank you to the radiology team, specially Dr. Thomas, who ensured that emergent CT reads during the downtime overnight were done efficiently and communicated clearly. He called with reads within minutes of scans, and she really appreciated him doing that. He even verbally conveyed incidental findings which alleviated her concerns about such findings going unnoticed, particularly for discharged patients without access to longitudinal care in our community. He went out of his way to ensure that the clinicians got the information they needed to look after the patients in real time, and it made a big difference during the Code Grey.

Many thanks to Nic, Dr. Thomson, and Dr. Gill for their thoughtful nominations, and to Drs. Eisen and Thomas for their collegiality and professionalism!  We are lucky to have all of you as part of our community!

If you’re a physician who would like to nominate someone for a GoldStar award, please share their name and your story with us at

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