Introducing the GoldStar Awards

In partnership with the MSA, the Emergency Medicine docs at VGH and RJH have started a new award to recognize consultants who go the extra mile in patient care and/or help create a positive collegial environment with their small day to day actions.

For lack of creativity, it’s called the GoldStar Award.

Award winners receive a personalized virtual award, along with a small gift as thanks and appreciation.

We’re delighted to share the names of the most recent winners:  Dr. Irvin Pathak (Otolaryngology), Dr. Steven Leung (Pediatrics), Dr. Mike Metcalfe (Urology), Dr. Morgan Evans (Plastic Surgery), and the entire Pediatric Team.

To all recipients, as well as to those who nominated them, THANK YOU for contributing so positively to the teamwork and culture at our hospitals!

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